What’s the weather for tomorrow?
What direction is the wind coming from right now?
When is low tide?
How warm is the water?
Where can I launch a kayak in New York City?

Check the water temperature, wind speed and direction with these external website links!

Water levels, Winds, Water and Air temperature for Sandy Hook, NJ
New York Buoy Data (Water Temperature, etc)
Interactive nautical chart for New York Harbor

Do you have your own kayak?
A $15 permit is required to launch your personal kayak from any NY Watertrail location.
Check out this NYC Parks Dept. Water Trail site for details.

NYC Parks Dept. Water Trail Map!
New York City Kayak/Canoe Launch Permit

Before you head out into those New York waters, be sure to watch this video; The Safe Harbor. This is a free online educational resource for safe boating in the Port of NY & NJ. The project contains a 28 minute safety video describing the multi user environment of the Port of NY & NJ and 5 sub chapters: The Pilot, The Paddlers, The Sailors, The Motor Boaters and Operation Clear Channel.:

Are you looking for more free public kayaking in the New York City area? Check out these local organizations, all just a ferry, bus or subway ride away:

Gowanus Dredgers
Red Hook Boaters
Downtown Boathouse
Long Island City Community Boathouse
Brooklyn Bridge Park BoatHouse

The Sebago Canoe Club is a cultural, educational and recreational resource for New York City small boat enthusiasts. Members have the opportunities to participate in an assortment of activities:

Sebago Canoe Club

For those of you who already own a kayak and are looking to explore New Jersey, this club site offers loads of information:

Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association

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